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Design Widget is a specialist web design and development company. We were established with one primary goal – to make it easy and affordable for businesses to maximize their online presence.

Our services have been created to make sure that any business – no matter how small or how big – can create and set up effective web solutions for themselves and their customers. These services range from web site template designs through to full web services.

We appreciate that it can be hard to achieve Internet business goals if you lack technical and design expertise – so we have all the technical and creative skills you need. We also appreciate how difficult it can be to meet the high costs often associated with good web site design and development – so, we’ve created a range of services that won’t break the bank but which will deliver effective solutions.

So, you can simply use Design Widget to help you find a creative and effective website template at an affordable rate. Or we can help you set up a cost-effective customized website design solution if you have more specific online needs. And, if you need more help with online services such as an E-Commerce store, web hosting, domain names and email addresses and maintenance then we can help you out too. We really are a one-stop solution.

To find out more about Design Widget’s range of services please take some time to browse through our site. Alternatively, please contact us for further information.
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How it Works
All of Design Widget’s services have been designed to make it easy for you to conceive, create, publish, host and maintain your website.

Features and Benefits
Our web design services have been designed to make your access to website solutions easy and affordable.

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