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Sometimes you need more from a web design than you can get from a standard website template. It may be that you need a unique design or a particular set of functions set in place that meet your individual business needs. Here – as with any kind of website design – it’s vital that you create a professional website that both markets your business and that works for you and your customers.

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        Basic Website

   2-3 XHTML Static Pages
   Free Domain Registration
   Feedback/Contact Page
   Free Decorative Banner

  $249.95                 More

      Regular Website

   5 XHTML Static Pages
   Free Domain/Banner
   Feedback/Contact Page
   6 Months Free Hosting

  $499.95                 More

    Corporate Website

   15 XHTML Static Pages
   Flash Intro - 20 Seconds
   Feedback/Contact Page
   1 Year Free Hosting

  $999.95                 More

The problem that many businesses come across here is in their choice of web site design company. All too often design companies concentrate on looking good, without thinking about what you actually need from your site. Or, they concentrate on making the site work, without thinking about how it looks. These problems will simply result in a website that doesn’t work for you – and, if it doesn’t work, then it won’t pay.

It doesn’t matter how good your website design is – if you don’t back it up with solid development then it won’t convert your prospects into customers. And, even if you get the development right but don’t take care with the design then they may buy out rather than buy in. With Design Widget’s help you can create a customized professional website that both incorporates leading edge design and solid back-end development.

Our expertise in both website design and development can help you create and build a website that meets both your creative and technical requirements. We can help you build a site from scratch or customize an existing design and web template to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter if all you need is a simple, clear design to market your products or services or a complex E-Commerce store that offers easy and secure purchasing to your customers – we offer a range of effective and affordable solutions.

To find out more about our Professional Website solutions, please contact us. Remember, you can also use our services to help you find the perfect web site template and to publish, host and maintain your website as well – please take a look around our site for more details.
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