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WordPress Theme

Before Web page themes came onto the Internet site design scene, WordPress was already generating content.At that time it simply used a single index.php file to support the submission and display of comments. The presentation was controlled by one style sheet. Every other page, including archives and the category page, was created with the passage of parameters to the siteís index.php page. Learn more

OsCommerce Shopping Cart

OsCommerce produces templates that are specifically designed for online storefront and are ready made to implement as e-commerce enabled Web sites. The storefront template by osCommerce is a combination of not only its own template design for its osCommerce 2.2 as well. Learn more

ZenCart Shopping Cart

ZenCart, an open source Web application is designed to enable e-commerce. Written in Php, youíll need an MySQL database. ZenCart is an easy way to customize the look and feel of any online store. It has a system built into its feature set that lets you take online payments. It will even let you set up the tax tables and apply various discounts and so forth. Learn more

PhpNuke Content Management System

PhpNuke is a content management system (CMS) that integrates every instrument you need to use to create your Internet site. Before we explain phpNuke we should explain CMS. Learn more

OsCommerce Shopping Cart

PostNuke is an open source template that is quite powerful. You can use it either as a CMS or a Web log. If you want to create a game clan Web site itís the most popular choice you can make to implement that. There is a very large supporting community for PostNuke on the Web. Here you can find many add-on resources for PostNuke that include integrations, themes and modules, among other cool ideas. Since PostNuke is written in Php you will have to have an MySQL database. Learn more
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